Custom Ring Process

Getting a custom ring made can be daunting, especially if you haven't had much experience with fine jewellery. We've worked with so many people across a range of knowledge, understanding and input into their designs, so this is a post that outlines the general process of getting a custom ring made at LoveHate jewellery. 

Step 1. Your custom consultation.
You can email or call us to make an appointment to discuss your custom piece. During your appointment it's a good idea to show us any example pictures or inspiration that might help us get an idea of what you see in your mind. If you don't have this, don't worry I can show you examples of different designs and help you find a design you will love. We will chat about gemstones, their different properties, setting types and gold carat. We can only give you a rough estimate of your quote during the consultation as there are many factors to be accounted for, which is hard to do on the spot. At the end of the session, we will have agreed upon a design and know what ring (perhaps with a few options) we are quoting on. We will also need to know of any time constraints or the date you need the ring by. Keep in mind a custom ring can take up to 4 weeks to finish.


Step 2. You receive your quote. 
I'll go away and do the maths to figure out how much your ring will cost. This can take a few days to a week, as I sometimes will need to find a specific stone for your ring, which can be a little time consuming. We will email or call you with the quote once it's ready. 


Step 3. You accept your quote. 
If you are happy with your quote, let us know and we will get the next steps moving. You don't need to tell us right away, but within a week or two is preferable, as the price of gold changes and if you leave it too long we may need to quote again. 


Step 4. You pay your deposit. 
We will send you an email which shows all the details of your ring and the total amount that you have accepted. We require a 50% deposit upfront, which allows us then to start work sourcing gems and buying the right kind of gold. You can pay us via credit card on the phone, or by the bank details on the invoice. When you pay your deposit, you will agree to the terms and conditions we have sent you via email. 


Step 5. We make the ring.
We will source the stones and the gold and get to work. Usually the process goes a little something like, make the ring band, make the setting, attach the setting, set the gem then polish. This step takes a few weeks depending on how many rings we are making at the time and a myriad of other things. Most rings are finished within 3-4 weeks, but if there are any delays we will keep you in the loop. 


Step 6. We finish making the ring. 
Once your ring is ready, sparkling and looking divine, we will give you a call or email to let you know it is ready. 


Step 7. You collect your custom ring! 
The final and most exciting step is when you come in to collect your brand new custom ring. You drop into the shop at a time that suits you and we'll show you the finished product. When you come in, we will finalise your balance and send you an updated invoice of the ring for your records. 

 If you have any questions at all about the process, or anything else jewellery related drop us an email at

Or Book Your Custom Jewellery Appointment Online here.



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